Intramural Program (for Fall 2021/Spring 2022 season)

   The Intramural program is the largest program at MCCS. The basic philosophy is to ensure that our players develop sportsmanship, and enjoy the game of soccer. All Intramural games are played at Eugene Auer Elementary School. The intramural divisions as follows:

  • Micro Minis: Birth Year 2018

Children begin in our co-ed Micro Minis division. This is a fun trainer run program to get the kids kick started in the game of soccer. (Micro Minis is a half season program) 

  • Little Kickers: Birth Year 2017

   Children start in our coed Little Kickers division. The emphasis is to teach the children the fundamentals of soccer and have a lot of fun. Each one-hour session per week is divided into a practice segment and a game segment. The game is 3v3 with no goalies to maximize each child''s time kicking the ball. This is all in preparation for the children to move to the next level.

  • Big Kickers: Birth Year 2016

  This co-ed program is an extension of our Little Kickers program. In the fall season, we provide coaches training with a professional trainer, who then oversee pre-game practice. Children are introduced to playing with more children on the field than in Little Kickers and begin utilizing goalies in the spring season. For the spring season, we are having our coaches train the children right before game time, as both the coaches and the children prepare for next year’s move to the Freshman division.

  • Freshman: Birth Years 2015-2014

  As the children advance from the Big Kickers program, the children will move into the co-ed Freshman Division. The emphasis is on teaching the basic skills, positions and team work. All games are played for fun and no scores or standings are kept.


  • Sophomore (co-ed): Birth Years 2013-2011

  • Juniors (co-ed): Birth Years 2010-2006


  As the children advance to the next levels, they will be introduced to a more competitive setting. The emphasis is to continue teaching skills, positions and team work while providing soccer players with an environment that allows them to play and enjoy youth soccer. Standings and scores will be kept for teams, squads will not have standings.