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MCCS currently does not have any interleague teams.

Interleague Program

Is the largest Intramural Interleague soccer program on Long Island, with 47 clubs and over 350 teams playing. The program is run through Suffolk Soccer Interleague, Inc. (SSI) and offers our children competitive soccer as players look for more competition than conventional Intramural programs may be able to offer.  SSI allows us to play against other Interleague teams that are the same age for fun and development. SSI offers two programs as follows:

Interleague Program

Although our Interleague teams play teams from other local soccer clubs, the operation of the Interleague is much more like an Intramural program than a travel program. There are no try-outs. Teams are developmental in nature.

Currently, MCCS requires all U-9 Interleague players to play both in their Intramural game and Interleague game, which sometimes has players playing two games a day.

Tournament Program

This program was developed by SSI for the more committed and serious U-9 player and prepare that player and their families for the next level of play (travel).  There are separate divisions for both the girls and the boys.

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