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Executive Board

James Malone
Anthony Ferrara

Vice President

Mike Timo


General Board Members

Tracey Bordonaro

Intramural Registrar

Interim Executive Secretary

Website/Social Media Administrator

TOPSoccer Admin

Jen Cohen

LIJSL Travel Registrar

Assistant to the Executive Secretary

Mike Timo

Travel Treasurer

NYClub Travel Registrar

Frank Rudilosso

Intramural Director

Jeff Sinkiewicz

Head Referee

Ivan Rodriguez

Open/Close Coordinator

James Seddio

Practice Fields

Kevin Lien

Equipment Manager

Dave Phaff

Intramural Coach Coordinator

TOPSoccer Director

Director of Player Development

Friends of the Board

Anthony Chiovaro

Open/Close Coordinator
Dave Delgado
Linda Mayce
Jeff Freund
John Smalley
Jocelyn Lagville-Graham
Larry Puglisi
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